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Developing Imposter

Convenience script

The script scripts/ is intended for local testing when changing the Impsoter codebase.

The script performs the following steps:

  • builds Imposter from source
  • starts Imposter using Docker or plain JVM
  • enables a specified plugin
  • passes the specified directory as the configuration directory

Usage: [args]


  -m <docker|java>  How to run Imposter, e.g. docker
  -c config-dir     Path to the Imposter configuration directory
  [-d distro-name]  The distro name, e.g. openapi
  [-l log-level]    Logging level, e.g. DEBUG or TRACE
  [-t run-tests]    Whether to run tests (true or false). Default is true
  [-z debug-mode]   Whether to enable Java debug mode on port 8000


$  ./scripts/ -m java -p openapi -c $PWD/examples/openapi/simple

This starts Imposter in bare JVM mode (no Docker) with the OpenAPI plugin enabled, pointing to the examples directory.


When started using this script, JVM debug mode is enabled and the debug socket is opened on port 8000.

Test with Gradle

You can run a test using a specific JVM version using Docker and Gradle as follows:

docker run -it --rm -u gradle -v "$PWD":/home/gradle/project -w /home/gradle/project amd64/gradle:6-jdk11 gradle clean test