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This section lists future ideas for features and improvements. Feel free to submit a suggestion by raising an issue.


  • Non-HTTP transports
  • Asynchronous requests (i.e. callbacks)
  • Asynchronous responses
  • Scheduled HTTP(S) invocations
  • Scheduled script executions
  • Request and response validation against a JSON Schema file (instead of just OpenAPI spec)
  • SOAP plugin - validate request/response body against XSD.
  • Autogenerate OpenAPI spec/UI for REST plugin.



  • Replace const and expression with value key in capture block.


  • Add content type header to HBase response
  • Reuse HBase model classes for JSON serialisation

Breaking changes

The following items are breaking changes, such as removal of deprecated functionality. They will be removed or changed in a backwards incompatible way in a future major version.

  • Remove deprecated withData(String?) script function
  • Request and response validation will be enabled by default
  • Remove deprecated IMPOSTER_S3_CONFIG_URL environment variable