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Hacking locally

You can build and run locally using the convenience script. This will start Imposter in debug mode, with the debug port running on 8000.

Build and run with Docker:

./scripts/ -m docker

Build and run with local JVM:

./scripts/ -m java

More complete example specifying plugin and config directory:

 ./scripts/ -m docker -p rest -c $PWD/examples/rest/multiple

See the README for more details about using this script.

Local build

If you don't want to use the convenience script, then you can follow these steps.


  • JDK 11


For distribution, Imposter is built as an all-in-one JAR file. This is available as a Docker image, as well as in raw form.

To get started with the examples here, first run:

./gradlew clean dist

The JAR is created under the distro/all/build/libs directory.

If, instead, you wanted to compile the JAR without embedded dependencies, use:

./gradlew clean build


If you want to run tests:

./gradlew clean test

Docker containers

Build the Docker containers with:


Extending to build a custom application

To extend Imposter and build a custom application see this section.