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HBase plugin

  • Plugin name: hbase
  • Plugin class: io.gatehill.imposter.plugin.hbase.HBasePluginImpl


  • Basic HBase mock implementation.
  • Supports protobuf or JSON for wire transport.
  • Dummy Scanner queries.
  • Individual table row/record retrieval.

Install plugin

Option 1: Using the CLI

To use this plugin, install it with the Imposter CLI:

imposter plugin install -d mock-hbase

This will install the plugin version matching the current engine version used by the CLI. The next time you run imposter up, the plugin will be available.

Option 2: Install the plugin manually

To use this plugin, download the imposter-plugin-mock-hbase.jar JAR file from the Releases page.

Enable it with the following environment variables:


Using the plugin

Read the Configuration section to understand how to configure Imposter.

Note: When using HBase Scanners, this plugin will return the 'server URL' in the Location header of the scanner creation response. You might want to consider setting the serverUrl property explicitly to the publicly-accessible address of the mock server, as described in the Usage section.


For working examples, see:


Let's assume your configuration is in a folder named config.

Docker example:

docker run -ti -p 8080:8080 \
    -v $PWD/config:/opt/imposter/config \
    outofcoffee/imposter-all \
    --serverUrl http://localhost:8080

Standalone Java example:

java -jar distro/hbase/build/libs/imposter-all.jar \
    --configDir ./config \
    --serverUrl http://localhost:8080

This starts a mock server using the HBase plugin. Responses are served based on the configuration files inside the config folder.

Using the example above, you can connect an HBase client, such as Apache RemoteHTable, to http://localhost:8080/ to interact with the API. In this example, you can interact with the exampleTable table, as defined in hbase-plugin-config.json and hbase-plugin-data.json.

Additional script context objects

The following additional script context objects are available:

Object Type Description
tableName String The name of the HBase table.
responsePhase io.gatehill.imposter.plugin.hbase.model.ResponsePhase The type of response being served.
scannerFilterPrefix String The prefix from the filter of the result scanner.
recordInfo io.gatehill.imposter.plugin.hbase.model.RecordInfo Information about the requested record, if a single record is requested.