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Usage jar

JAR command line arguments

When you are using the JAR approach, some options can be controlled using command line arguments.

Note If you are using the CLI, see this documentation for a list of command line arguments.

Available arguments

The following command line arguments can be used:

 --configDir (-c) VAL   : Directory containing mock configuration files
 --help (-h)            : Display usage only
 --host (-b) VAL        : Bind host
 --keystorePassword VAL : Password for the keystore (default: password)
 --keystorePath VAL     : Path to the keystore (default: classpath:/keystore/ssl.jks)
 --listenPort (-l) N    : Listen port (default: 8080)
 --plugin (-p) VAL      : Plugin name (e.g. rest) or fully qualified class
 --pluginArg VAL        : A plugin argument (key=value)
 --serverUrl (-u) VAL   : Explicitly set the server address
 --tlsEnabled (-t)      : Whether TLS (HTTPS) is enabled (requires keystore to be configured) (default: false)
 --version (-v)         : Print version and exit

Server URL

For some responses, such as from the SFDC plugin, Imposter uses the 'server URL', which is computed automatically from the host and listenPort command line arguments. If this is not the URL you wish to use, you can override this with the serverUrl command line argument.